Friday, February 26, 2016

Gordo and Sasha are Engaged!

First of all I just want to say I am so happy for these two people. Not only are they my clients, they are my friends and my neighbors. I couldn't ask for a better neighbor, she totally gets me, we take turns taking the kids to school every week. She is such a wonderful Aunt to her niece and I know she will be the best mama one day. But first things first, The Engagement. We spent most of the day going to different locations in downtown Houston. We hit up the biscuit paint wall, we went to the water wall, and we went to a park called the Discovery Green. We had a fantastic time! Although I do have a little good news and a little bad news, the good news is that all their pictures came out amazing, the bad news is that I don't get to show off my favorites just quite yet! But here are a few to get you started! I am telling you she is beautiful and Gordo is a handsome man, they are perfect for each other.

Like I seriously cant wait to show everybody the rest of these pictures. She is using them for invitations, save the dates, and at the wedding so we were really don't want to show them off quite yet. But I am telling you some of these images will be blown up and put on my wall! lol EEEK!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

In one hour, Texas time, my sweet baby girl will turn 1. I am so honored and bless to be this babies mama. She is so beautiful, she has her daddy's eyes and she is a perfect mix of her brothers and sisters personality, I would like to think everything else is me, but that's debatable, depending on which side of the family you talk to :) I wake up everyday to her smiley face even if she doesn't feel good, which has been a lot these past few days. We were so lucky to get her pictures done today because just the day before, she was coughing her head off, and she wasn't so smiley any other time of day. So I just wanted to show my baby girl some love, happy birthday baby!
(A quick thankyou to my friend Ali for her amazing ability to make sets, put colors and outfits together, and for letting me mess up her home, oh and making Skylar smile in all of these pictures!)