Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Southern Belle

Bridal Sessions! Bridal sessions are way different then just the typical bridal portraits I take before the wedding, these are get all dressed up in your wedding gown, full hair and makeup, bring some besties or your brides maid and have an all day fashion shoot that solely focuses on you. All brides have that day before the wedding to perfect their hair and makeup with the hair and makeup team, to me this day absolutely makes the perfect day to schedule with your photographer for your bridal session. So why do this separately then the big day? Because even though your big day is all about you (and the groom), you are not as relaxed, you are rushed for time, you are worried if the cake has come, and if the flowers are the right color, there are so many pictures to be taken on your wedding day, it is just nice to relax and not have the hustle and bustle of your wedding day buzzing around! This brides wedding is this Friday and I can't tell you how relaxed and gorgeous she looked. We got to hit up a couple of places in downtown Houston. A couple of our locations did not work out, in fact we got kicked out of the Waterwall, I do know now for any future shoots I have to get a permit :) But we found this one road, it had huge houses, these huge trees, with walkways right down the center, we planted there and stayed most of the day :) Here are some of the bridal portraits I took!

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